Celebes Seaweed Group (CSG) is a networking group for improving quality product of Gracilaria seaweed. Center of product area in South Sulawesi and Center Sulawesi, where 50 % of product from Palopo Regency and other from Luwu, North Luwu, East Luwu. 25 % from Takalar, Bone, Sinjai, dan Center Sulawesi. 25% from East Kalimantan. This group operates since June 2004 with the main company is CV SIMPUL AGRO GLOBALINDO in Makassar. Celebes Seaweed Group is doing culture and post-harvest processing, like drying and packing, and trading. Product quality control cooperates with consultant of Business Development Service (BDS) PINISI, South Sulawesi, and our member as well, to developing product and farmers group. Business development of Celebes Seaweed Group getring support from Swisscontact Indonesia and PUPUK / The Association for Advancement of Small Business.
Our group also works as Facilitator of Gerbang Emas Program (Community Economic Development Action) of South Sulawesi for seaweed commodity. Celebes Seaweed Group activities support the province government program that is South Sulawesi as center of the world production of seaweed. Celebes Seaweed Group has warehouse 1 unit in Makassar, and packing house with press hydraulic machine in Palopo, Bone, Takalar (South Sulawesi), and Kutai Kartanegara (East Kalimantan). We assist and facilitate farmer groups to improving quality product to support theirs income. CSG also has 7 Ha pond as field laboratory in Palopo for testing and resulting the best quality of Gracilaria seaweed. CSG have became one of the biggest producer Gracilaria seaweed in Indonesia. In 2012 until now, CSG join and become member of some quality and environment certifications, like Seafood Savers WWF-Indonesia, HACCP, ISO 9001. CSG has been implementing the standards for Gracilaria quality and management in the office, warehouse, and packing house.

For order Dried Gracilaria Seaweed, contact us at: info@celebesseaweed.com