.: Members Profile of Celebes Seaweed Group :.
Ir. Bachrianto Bachtiar, M.Si
Expert of networking and empowerment in this group, has responsibility to enlarge networking to stakeholder as well as capacity building of group member, including seaweed farmer group. He is a lecturer at study program of aquatic resources management, fisheries department in Hasanuddin University, founder some NGOs and also as advance facilitator in training, workshop, seminar, etc.
Mursalim, S.Pi
Chief of Koperasi Agroniaga, has duty as main quality control and marketing for production. His ability is supported by experience as chief of consultant team for seaweed quality development in Palopo and around (2004 – 2005), cooperated with BPPT/Swisscontact, and chief of facilitator of Gerbang Emas Program of South Sulawesi for seaweed commodity (2005 – 2007), cooperates with province government.
Karno, S.Sos
Director of UD. Rumaeda, has 1 unit packing house with 3 units press hydraulic machine. Production capacity is 250 metric ton per month. He has experience 4 years in seaweed business, supported by good human resources as worker and farmer group with tested quality seaweed.
Director of UD. Utari, has 2 units packing house, 4 units press hydraulic machine. Production capacity is 300 metric ton per month. He is getting seaweed business for 2 years and has experience as collecting trader for more than 10 years so he know well about production center characteristic.
Jabaruddin Masjidi
Director of Mitra Tangkas Warehouse has 1 unit packing house with 2 units press hydraulic machine. Production capacity 150 metric ton per month. He has not been one year organized warehouse and packing house, but he has been more ten years as collecting trader for farmer group. And he also has special skill to process Gracillaria by fresh water washing, better than the other.
Asdar Marsuki, S.Pi
Director of PUPUK / The Association for Advancement of Small Business, Makassar. He has experience on developing small and medium business in some regions in South Sulawesi. He does the activity by holding the trainings, workshops, etc.

Mursalim, S.Pi
    Quality control and Marketing
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Jl. Manunggal 31 No. 93, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. 90224. INDONESIA
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