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Celebes Seaweed Group is a networking group for improving product and quality of seaweed. We supply and sell dried seaweed, specially Gracilaria spp with some product specifications. Product area center in South Sulawesi and Center Sulawesi, where 70 % of product from Palopo ( and around (Regency of Luwu, North Luwu, East Luwu‚ Province of South Sulawesi), 30 % from Regency of Takalar, Bone, Sinjai (South Sulawesi), dan Center Sulawesi.

This group operates since June 2004 with the main company is KOPERASI AGRONIAGA in Palopo City. Celebes Seaweed Group do culture and post-harvest processing (drying and packing) and trade. Product quality control cooperates with consultant of Business Development Service (BDS) PINISI, South Sulawesi, and our member to developing product and farmers group. Business development of Celebes Seaweed Group gets support from Swisscontact Foundation ( and PUPUK / The Association for Advancement of Small Business (

Our group also works as Facilitator of Gerbang Emas Program (Community Economic Development Action) of South Sulawesi for seaweed commodity. Celebes Seaweed Group activities supports province government program that is South Sulawesi as the world production center of seaweed.Celebes Seaweed Group has warehouse 1 unit, packing house 4 units and press hydraulic machine 10 units, 3 groups of main farmer and 6 groups of support farmer. The farmer groups can product seaweed up to 1000 metric ton per month. Each press hydraulic machine can pack 100 bales per day (@ 50 KGs) or 1000 metric ton per month. We supply market demand 300 until 400 metric ton per month, and still opened for market extension. Our dried gracilaria use for agar-agar, cosmetic, health, animal feed industry, etc.

Beside that, Celebes Seaweed Group also has field laboratory width 7 ha at Palopo for comparing seaweed quality in main production centers and 4 ha seed pond at East Luwu Regency. All of these culture facilities support to research and development, and also to monitoring main production centers.This time, we have the biggest production of dried Gracilaria seaweed in Indonesia. Celebes Seaweed Group has 6 members, 3 members have responsibility to product seaweed and packing, 1 member as main quality control and also for research and development, 1 member as network administrator, 1 member for human resource development and support networking and 1 member in Makassar warehouse.

Mursalim, S.Pi
Quality control and Marketing
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