Trend of The World and Indonesia Gracilaria Seaweed Production

The world and Indonesia Gracilaria Seaweed production are increasing since this seaweed farmed. Global gracilaria production increased more than 300% since 2005-2014 (FAO Data). This time, global Gracilaria production reach 4 million MT.

In 2005, Gracilaria seaweed production in the world was almost 1 million MT and incereased about 81% to 1,7 million MT in 2010. in 2014, the production increased more than 3,7 million MT. In Indonesia, Gracilaria Seaweed production was increased more than 2000% since 2005-2014. Indonesia produces Gracilaria about 1,1 million MT, or more than 29% of global production... (Read more)
Traditional Farming of Gracilaria Seaweed in Indonesia CSG Implements Environment Standards on Gracilaria Farming
Farming of Gracilaria Seaweed in Indonesia is still use traditional method, or extention methode. This method is appropriate in.. (Read more) CSG is member of Seafood Savers WWF-Indonesia, a bridging mechanism to international environment certificaton for.. (Read more)
Improving Product Quality and Management by ISO 9001 Gracilaria for Industry and Other Uses
Gracilaria product of CSG always mantain quality by using the best standard farming, and improving management as well.. (Read more) Where the Farmer's gracilaria go after harvest? Gracilaria result Agar material for much uses. A lot of Industries use the agar as.. (Read more)
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